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Below are the most common error messages and how to resolve them. Please ensure that you are following the steps carefully. If you are still encountering problems, visit our online self help guide by logging in to ROK TV using your username and password and then select Troubleshooting.

Signal problem, please try again...
There has been a problem when updating your channels. This problem can be resolved by going to ROK TV from your Mobiles Main Menu and then selecting Options and Update Channels. A Green Tick will appear when this is successful, if not, repeat the process.

C Sockets Time Out
This is usually because of low signal strength or problems with your network while your Mobile is trying to pickup the TV signal. Try restarting your phone or waiting till your signal strength improves.

If you have followed our online self help guide and still encountering difficulties then contact our customer service team on - 0870 898 8995

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