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  • What is ROK TV?

    ROK TV is an application that you can download and install on your Mobile that allows you to watch Television on your mobile

  • Will ROK TV work on my model of Mobile?

    If you have a compatible phone and have your telephone service provided by O2 contract, Vodafone, T-Mobile or Orange then ROK TV will work. See a list of compatible mobiles

  • My Channels Buffer all the time

    First check you either have a good mobile data connection signal, or connected to an uncongested WiFi.

    This service is currently in BETA mode and as such, has a limit on the number of users able to access the streams at any one time.

    If you are unable to stream the channels offered (identified by the channel signal buffering constantly) and are viewing with either good mobile data signal strength or via uncongested Wifi, this will be due to a much higher demand than we anticipated.

    We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause however, the capacity will be increased when in full service mode.

    If you do experience access issues during peak viewing times, please try again later as this service is available 24/7.

  • Does it matter which country I am in?

    Yes it does, currently ROK TV is available in the United Kingdom. ROK TV will soon be available in other countries so stay tuned to the website for more information.

  • How much does ROK TV cost?

    ROK TV is free of charge. ROK TV may deliver advertisements within the TV content. Additional charges from your network operator may apply. If you do not have a data bundle (pay for your data usage in advance) ROK TV recommend you contact your network provider to arrange this and/or check the data tariff you are currently on so you are aware of the data costs your network provider will charge. ROK TV uses approximately 1mb for 4 minutes of viewing.

  • Where do I download ROK TV?

    ROK TV can be downloaded straight from this website. Select your phone on the download ROK.TV page and visit wap.rok.tv. You can also try searching for ROK.TV on your devices appstore.

    download ROK TV

  • OK I have ROK TV on my computer, now what?

    If you have decided to download ROK TV to your PC then, depending on your Mobile type, you will get 1 or 3 .sis files stored in a .zip file. You must send the .sis files to your phone in the correct numerical order.

    Your mobile will be able to connect to your computer in a variety of ways, either the data cable, Bluetooth or infra red. For more information on how to do this, contact your Mobile Network Provider, Handset Manufacturer or User Manual.

  • My phone says that I have no connection via GRPS, what does this mean?

    Each model of mobile and Network require different settings. You must setup your phone for GPRS, you can either contact your Mobile Network Operator. Information about Networks and their settings.

  • I have setup a user account. How do I watch TV?

    Follow the instructions on your ROK TV email that was sent when you setup your account. If you have any problems. Login to ROK TV. Once logged in, select the troubleshooting link from the bottom of the page and follow the on screen setup wizard.

  • I have forgotten my password.

    ROK TV will gladly re-send your password direct to the e-mail address that you originally registered with. To do this, visit our forgotten password service.

  • I have ROK TV on my Mobile but it is displaying an Error Message

    ROK TV has a Common Error Message help page. For further information login to ROK TV. Once logged in, select the troubleshooting link from the bottom of the page and follow the on screen setup wizard.

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